Importing Parent Data

  1. Download the attached CSV template file found here: SCOIR_Import_Parent_Template.csv
  2. Export parent data from your SIS (or whatever type of system you use to manage this information)
It is important that you use this template in its entirely.
Please keep all columns.

    1. Copy the relevant parent data into the appropriate corresponding columns. Please be mindful of the formatting requirements for each data field and be sure not to overwrite or change the field names (i.e. column headers). Capitalization and underscores matter and should match exactly. 
    2. The data listed in Bold* in the guide below is required, however, all fields need to be left in the file.
    3. Parents/guardians must use unique email addresses
    4. If a parent/guardian has more than one student, the same Parent ID must apply to connect both students to one parent.
  1. Submit the data under Data Management Add / Update Parents

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