Parents/Guardians Report Invalid Email Registration Link

Many times counselors will be the ones sending invites to parents to join Scoir. If more than one email gets sent, some email systems will nest the invites inside one another. Google, for example will list one invite email with a (2) or (3), indicating more than one email is nested inside this communication. 


If more than one invite was sent, the first invite registration link will be marked invalid.  Each time an email invite is sent, the link in the previous email is marked invalid so that it is not being used by someone other than the parent.


It is very important that the parent click on the registration link in the most recent invite (which is generally at the bottom).  That is the only link that will be valid and allow them to register their account. 

If a parent is getting an error of an invalid link, please ask them to ensure the email they are using has the most recent date/time stamp on it.

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