Release Notes Through 2019-05-05

Scoir Counselor


  • (Visits) It is now easier to set the start and end times when scheduling visits or editing visit details.
  • (Visits) Added a new configuration to require counselor approval when reps request to register for future visit openings.
  • (Visits) Added the ability to specify calendar exception dates where no visits can be scheduled.
  • (Visits) Calendar settings are now available within the Calendar tab.
  • (Visits) Added the ability for counselors to create visit entries for parties not on Scoir by selecting ‘other’ in the College Name field when creating a visit.
  • (Visits) Added the ability to edit rep information in an existing visit without having to first delete the rep and create new.
  • (Visits) A direct link to your calendar can now be generated and shared with college reps to provide them with immediate access to your high school’s visit availability.
  • (Visits) Added the ability to duplicate calendar events.


  • (Visits) Fixed an issue with multi-college visits when colleges became inadvertently unregistered.
  • (Visits) Fixed an issue when users with the Communications Manager role were unable to manage calendar links.

No changes were made to the Scoir Student, Scoir Parent, Scoir Teacher, or Scoir Admissions applications.

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