Release Notes Through 2019-09-22

All Users


  • (Messaging) Group messaging features have been added for all users.

Scoir Counselor


  • (School Reports) An option has been added to the SSR template to note that student class information is provided on their transcript.
  • (School Reports) The Criminal Information section has been removed from all School Reports.


  • (Surveys) Fixed an issue with participant lists not paginating correctly.
  • (Recommendations) Fixed an issue where teacher names were not rendering properly on the Recommendation Requests page.

Scoir Student


  • (My Colleges) An Early Decision Agreement form is now made available to students who indicate they are applying or have applied Early Decision.


  • (Surveys) Fixed an issue where newly registered students were not receiving surveys.

Scoir Parent


  • (Surveys) Fixed an issue where newly registered parents were not receiving surveys.

Scoir Teacher


  • (Surveys) Fixed an issue where the Surveys section went missing for some users when acting upon letters of recommendation.

Scoir Admissions


  • (Visits) Timezone information is now available for each visit listing on the calendar month and upcoming visits views.

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