Uploading College Board Test Scores to Scoir

Updating College Board test scores is just a few clicks if you have the .csv file the College Board sent!





Simply download the College Board .csv file. 

NOTE:  AP Scores will use the Student Data Score file.   We currently to not support ability to bulk import PSAT 8/9.

Log into SCOIR.

Navigate to your name | Data Management




Select the College Board file you wish to upload.



Chose the .csv file from your device.  Ensure you do not select the .txt file.  This won't work!


NOTE:  If you decide to use the drag and drop feature, please be aware that only one file can be added and imported at a time.





The file will import into SCOIR.  Please feel free to contact support@scoir.com with any issue in file uploads.  We are happy to uploads files for you.


Errors encountered during import will be shown.  You may view a list of them here:



Or check your notifications tab (small bell) here:




In order to correct errors, you may either edit the original college board file to match names and/or dates of birth in Scoir and reimport this file to have all records successfully load, or you can manually enter the few students who did not match




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