Release Notes Through 2019-09-08

Scoir Counselor


  • (Recommendations) The new teacher recommendations details page includes current and historic recommendation details, statistics for recommendations pending approval, the ability to approve or decline pending requests, and details of requests outstanding, completed, and denied.
  • (Recommendations) Teacher tiles have been updated to include additional detail including number of requests pending approval, counts of outstanding requests and their respective status, and number of days until the earliest deadline.
  • (Recommendations) Sorting options have been added to support sort by last name, number of outstanding requests, and earliest deadline date.
  • (Recommendations) Filtering options have been added to view teachers who have any requests pending approval, outstanding, completed, or denied.
  • (Recommendations) College specific recommendations always receive a deadline date, even if a student has enough completed recommendations to fulfill any need they may have for their College Applications.

No changes were made to the Scoir Student, Scoir Teacher, Scoir Parent or Scoir Admissions applications.

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