Release Notes Through 2019-04-14

Scoir Counselor


  • (Visits) A minimum advanced notice setting can now be set for single and multi-visit openings to prevent reps from scheduling visits without the advanced notice required for your high school
  • (Visits) Internal Description and Rep Instruction fields now support rich-text formatting, including support for hyperlinks
  • (Visits) Bulk messages can now be sent to all students who have RSVP’d for a visit
  • Calendar performance and usability enhancements


  • (Visits) Disenrolled students will now be removed from the attendee lists of upcoming visits they have registered to attend
  • (Visits) The RSVP-by date can now be accurately set to the day before the visit, so students may register for a visit up until the day it is scheduled to occur
  • (Calendar) Improved the manner in which the calendar displays multi-day events from externally linked calendars
  • (Calendar) Fixed a bug where past visits were displaying in the Upcoming Visits list
  • (Calendar) Fixed a bug where links weren’t able to be added to bulk messages

No changes were made to the Scoir Student, Scoir Parent, Scoir Teacher, or Scoir Admissions applications.

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