Release Notes Through 2019-09-15

Scoir Counselor


  • (Parent Profile) Fixed an issue impacting the display of parent avatars.
  • (Applications) Fixed an issue where filtering the student roster by counselor name was not returning the correct students.
  • (Student Profile) Fixed an issue preventing a student’s signed FERPA waiver from appearing on the Manage Docs page.
  • (Dashboard) Fixed an issue where deleted visits continued to persist on the Counselor Dashboard.

Scoir Student


  • (Visits) Fixed an issue preventing students from receiving reminders of upcoming visits.

Scoir Teacher


  • (Recommendations) Fixed an issue preventing teachers from receiving recommendation requests from students.
  • (Recommendations) Fixed an issue preventing a teacher’s name from being pre-populated in the signature of the letter of recommendation template.

Scoir Parent


  • (Student Invites) Fixed an issue where active students could be re-invited from the parent profile.

No changes were made to the Scoir Admissions application.

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