For Counselors: Bulk Add a Link to Multiple My Drives

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Use the My Drive feature along with web pages, Google docs, or videos to create a communication channel with students. With a My Drive link, you can provide students with access to up-to-date information such as available scholarship opportunities. This guide will show you how to add a link to multiple My Drives at once.

To begin, click on the Students tab in your Counselor app, then select Roster.

By default, all students will appear in your roster. If necessary, use the filter to select a specific class year or group of students.

Click Select All to select all students in your roster. Then, click on the Action button and select Add link to Drives.

The Add a link window will appear.

Copy and paste a link to a webpage, Google doc, or video link into the Paste Share Link field. Use the Title field to give your link a descriptive title that will appear in your students' My Drive.

NOTE: It is important to make sure you have selected the correct link before uploading. While you are able to remove any links added in error to a student's My Drive, there is no "bulk delete" option.

If you do not want parents to see this link in their student's My Drive, check the Hide from Parents box before saving.

You can send a customized notification email message to your students with your link. Use the Add a message drop-down to compose a message that will be sent to your students when your link is added to their My Drive.

If you do not choose to add a message with your link, your students will receive notification of your link in their Scoir notification center.

Click Save to finish adding your link to student My Drives.

Your students will receive a notification that a link has been added to the My Drive. To review your link, navigate to the My Drive section of your student's profile page.

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