For Counselors: Bulk Messaging Parents/Guardians

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Scoir makes it easy to communicate with parents. Notify your parents/guardians of approaching deadlines, student opportunities, and friendly reminders with the integrated Bulk Messaging feature.

To begin, click on the Students tab in your Counselor app, then select Parents.

By default, all parents will appear in your parent roster. If necessary, use the filter to select a specific class year or group of parents.

Click Select All to select the parents/guardians in your roster. Then, click on the Action button and select Message to compose your message.

The Send a Message to Parents box will appear.

Compose your message and enter a subject line, just like an email.

You can copy other counselors on your message by entering their names in the Copy other counselors on this message box.

Click Send to finish your bulk message. Your parents will receive your message in their Message Center.

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