For All Students: Discovering Colleges You Can Apply To Using Scoir

Kelly Saello Updated by Kelly Saello

To make the application process faster and easier, Scoir offers the ability for you to begin applications for some colleges directly on our platform. What colleges? Members of the Coalition for College. Why these schools? Because Coalition member colleges have a demonstrated commitment to ensuring students graduate on time and with little-to-no debt. 

How to Find These Colleges:

1. From the Dashboard

Top and center on your dashboard, we’ve made it easy to start exploring colleges where you can begin the application process on Scoir.

2. From the Discover Page

We’ve added two new quick-browse paths for you on the Discover page: Apply with Scoir and Coalition for College. 

3. From the Main Navigation

If you go to Apply with Scoir in the main navigation, we’ll present you with a way to quickly ID and add college applications that you can start on Scoir. 

As you’re navigating around Scoir building your list and learning about colleges, if you see the lightning bolt, you can apply with Scoir! 

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For All Students: How to Begin Applications in Scoir

For All Students: Applying to College Using Scoir