Release Notes Through 2019-03-31

Scoir Student


  • (Mobile) All Student Profile fields can now be viewed and edited within the mobile app.

Scoir Counselor


  • (Reporting) A new Class Profile report provides key data points about each class on record and can be easily printed or exported as a CSV.
  • (Reporting) A new College Applications & Admissions Summary report provides application and outcome statistics for a specified range of class years.
  • (Reporting) A new Student Applications & Outcomes report provides application and outcome information for individual applications submitted by a specified population of students.
  • (Reporting) A new Standardized Test Details report provides scores for each student of a specified population who has taken a specified standardized test.
  • (Reporting) A new Standardized Scholarship report provides information about the grants and scholarships that have been awarded to a specified population of students.
  • New ability to export Application Overview records to CSV.


  • Denied applications no longer show as Needs Attention on the Application Overview or Send pages.


No changes were made to the Scoir Parent or Scoir Admissions application.

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