FERPA Releases

SCOIR has released the ability collect FERPA Releases and Waivers which once signed, will be stored for your students.  In addition, text adjustment may be made to coincide with individual school policies or regulations.

 NOTE:  Application Materials needs to be Enabled for access to FERPA forms

The Account Administration has the ability to enable one or both of these features.  To enable, navigate to your name | School Account & Settings | FERPA Release & Waiver Forms.



Once enabled there will be other selections the Account Administrator will need to make.  NOTE:  If selections are not made, the default selections will prevail.


In addition, the Account Administrator may want to configure the release.   Some areas of the release allow for text changes as needed to conform to school regulation and policies.  



Changes should alway be SAVED.


Let SCOIR know when to begin prompting your students to sign the FERPA.  If selected, SCOIR will begin prompting students when they log into SCOIR for a FERPA signature.  If not selected, the students will not get FERPA reminders. 


FERPA forms may always be viewed or updated by navigating to the Documents and Templates tab where the original template file will be stored.


For more information about what FERPA is, please see the following website.



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FERPA Waivers

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