For Students: Adding and Updating Parent/Guardian Information

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Inviting Parents/Guardians

You can add or edit parents/guardians and invite them to link to your account by clicking the + Invite a Parent button.


You will be presented with an edit window to provide the parent/guardian’s first and last name, email address, and education history.

Removing Parents/Guardians


You can remove parents/guardians from your account by clicking the Edit button next to their name, then clicking Remove Parent. Note that this will only remove the parent/guardian from your student account, and will not delete the parent/guardian account all together.

Education History

To add a parent/guardian’s education history/previous schooling, select their Highest Degree Earned from the drop-down menu. 

If you selected ‘Some College, No Degree Earned’ or greater, you will be required to provide a school name and degree. You can add additional schools and degrees by clicking the + Add a School button.

When you’re finished, click Invite to send an invite to the parent/guardian’s email inbox and close the window.

You can indicate that you are a first-generation college student by checking the checkbox.

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How do I add parent info information

How do I update parent information

Updating parent information

Adding parent Information

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