[Video] Teacher Recommendations

Watch our Pro Series video for Teacher Recommendations.

Updated 2 months ago

Uploading A Teacher Recommendation for a Teacher/Counselor

SCOIR provides the ability to upload teacher recommendations on behalf of other teachers or counselors, who either do not have access to SCOIR, or perhaps have retired and are not active the school.…

Updated 2 months ago

Add a Counselor Recommendation

Counselors may add recommendations for their students directly in the Counselor portal since they have full access to students. We don't currently allow 'requests' of Counselor Evaluations since the…

Updated 2 months ago

Viewing Status of Teacher Recommendations

Many Counselors like to keep an eye on the Teach Recommendations to ensure that students have requested and that teachers are responding. To help with this process we have added a Recommendations tab…

Updated 2 months ago