Add / Invite / Remove Counselors and Administrative Staff

Adding and Managing Counselors Faculty And Staff

Adding and Managing Counselors Faculty And Staff. Please Note: Counselors and Staff can only be added by someone with the Account Administrator Role​. Adding Faculty and Staff and Assigning Roles. To…

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Assigning User Roles to Counselors

How do I assign user roles to counselors?. The primary counselor that is registered with a new school account is automatically granted the Account Administrator role. With this role, the primary coun…

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Roles and Permissions

Each Account Type "Role" in Scoir Has Specific Permissions. Account Administrator. Users with this permission can: control SCOIR account settings. uploads documents (e.g. School Profile). manages tem…

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The Counselor/Teacher Role

Team Members in Scoir can be both counselors and teacher/recommenders at the same time! To see how this role can be assigned see the article here: Assigning Roles and Permissions As a counselor/recom…

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(Bulk Action) Inviting Users

Navigate to Users in the Welcome Dropdown. Select the team members you wish to invite with the checkbox to the left of their name. Choose:. A red x indicates they have already been registered, so no…

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Create Individual Staff User Accounts

Navigate to the Welcome Dropdown and choose U sers. Click the + Add New User button. Add the staff member or teacher's information and click Continue. If your school has already enabled the Documents…

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Edit or Delete a Teacher

Editing a teacher name or deleting a teacher is easy ! Navigate to users. To the right of each faculty member is an Edit/Delete button. Depending on your display settings, this may be hidden to the r…

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[Video] How to Import/Update Teachers

How to Import/Update Teachers from SCOIR on Vimeo.

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