Managing Application Materials

Application Fee Waivers

Students can request fee waivers from their My Colleges list. Fee Waiver Forms can also be downloaded directly here: ScoirFeeWaiver.pdf When they do so, you'll receive an email notification that a re…

Updated 1 month ago

Manage Application Materials

SCOIR has added the ability to search for and manage students' application materials. Search for any students who may be missing a transcripts, or search for all the students who have a counselor eva…

Updated 2 months ago

Downloadable ED Contract

Now when your students note within Scoir that they are applying ED, they will be prompted to download an ED Contract to receive necessary signatures. You can then upload this document back into Scoir…

Updated 2 months ago

Track Application Materials

Once you use SCOIR to send application materials to colleges, these documents can easily be tracked and re-sent as needed. Navigate to the Applications | Track tab. College tiles will be listed in al…

Updated 2 months ago

[Video] Managing & Sending Application Materials

SCOIR: Send Docs Recording from SCOIR on Vimeo.

Updated 2 months ago

How to Add Colleges for a Student

As a counselor, you have the ability add applications for students. To do this, search for and select your student. Navigate to the Colleges & Applications tab in the student's profile. Add a college…

Updated 2 months ago

Applications Overview - Student Document Management

To help manage the students and the application materials which need submitted to colleges by deadline date, Scoir has provided an overview screen! This view can be sorted in a variety of ways and th…

Updated 2 months ago

What is the Status of Individual/Bulk Application Documents

After documents have been forwarded to a College, the status can be verified individually or in bulk. Individual Status: Search for the Student by name and navigate to the 'College & Applications' ta…

Updated 2 months ago

How Can I Opt Out as a Recommender in The Common Application?

Scoir’s Instructions for Completing The Common Application shows students how to avoid requesting duplicative recommendations from teachers and counselors. However, as a "Recommender" you can prevent…

Updated 2 months ago