How do Students and Parent know that a Survey was Sent?

Student and Parents are provided notification in Scoir of existing surveys by notifications and/or emails. In addition, a blue dot is displayed by the photo. Only one notification will be sent to the…

Updated 1 month ago

Edit or Copy a Survey

Surveys can be easily edited or cloned to save time in creation. Edit an existing unpublished survey Click on the blue link of the survey name. This will open up your survey so that you can edit ques…

Updated 2 months ago

Creating and Publishing a Survey

Recently introduced - Surveys! We have the answer you are looking for to provide surveys to students, parents and even make these accessible to teachers! Let's get started creating a survey. Navigate…

Updated 2 months ago

Viewing Survey Results

Once survey's are published, you will see both the status as well as be able to click on the Recipients and know which students completed your survey. Click on blue link to view responses : Teachers…

Updated 2 months ago