Understanding FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Does FERPA even apply to my high school?

Short Answer Probably, but not necessarily. Long Answer FERPA regulations apply to any public or private agency or institution “to which funds have been made available under any program administered…

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Who needs to sign the FERPA Release and FERPA Waiver - student, parent or both?

Short Answer FERPA Release: If the student is 18 or older, then only the student needs to sign. If the student is under the age of 18, then only a parent/guardian needs to sign. FERPA Waiver: Only th…

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Does SCOIR’s electronic signature on the FERPA Release and FERPA Waiver constitute a valid signature?

Yes, FERPA §99.30(d) states that written consent “may include a record and signature in electronic form that (1) identifies and authenticates a particular person as the source of the electronic conse…

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What's the difference between a FERPA Release and a FERPA Waiver?

Both documents provide clarity with regards to the disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in education records and protect the confidentiality of information provided during the…

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What are the issues for counselors and teachers if a student does not provide a FERPA Waiver?

It’s possible, but unlikely, that a student will read your letters of recommendation once they are in college. Without a signed waiver, a student has the right to access confidential information rela…

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Do I need a signed FERPA Release to send transcripts and recommendations to colleges?

Short Answer No, but without a release authorization students and parents can request to see copies of everything you send. You must then provide access to the requested information within 45 days. L…

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Is it OK for teachers who are providing letters of recommendation to see students’ GPAs, standard test scores, and/or transcripts without first obtaining a release?

Yes, FERPA §99.31(a)(1)(i)(A) specifically permits the disclosure of such information to “other school officials, including teachers,” within the school provided they “have legitimate educational int…

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Why is SCOIR’s release and waiver language different than The Common Application’s?

CommonApp’s “release authorization” language is limited to documents sent to colleges. It does not protect you when sending documents to non-academic institutions. Without a separate release incorpor…

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For Counselors: Resetting Already Signed FERPA Release and Waiver

If a student accidentally granted FERPA waiver or FERPA release and would like to unsign it, you as a counselor can do so by going to the student's profile. Students cannot change status of their FER…

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For Counselors: Marking FERPA as Signed on Your Students' Behalf

Please note that you cannot sign FERPA on your student's behalf. You as a counselor can mark FERPA Release or Waiver as signed on your student's behalf in Scoir. However, by doing so you are NOT sign…

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