Visits and Office Hours

Calendar Overview

The Calendar feature of the Scoir Counselor application allows counselors to view their scheduled visits, openings, and drafts in a convenient overview that can be displayed by day, week, or month. T…

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Linking to an External Calendar

Actions described in this guide require the Communications Manager role. This article contains the following sections: Linking your calendar Disconnecting a linked calendar. Troubleshooting.. Linking…

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How Can I See which Students Have Registered for a Visit?

Once students have registered for a visit, Counselors can view the list of registered students. To view the students at your school who have registered for a visit, please click one time on the visit…

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Understanding Scoir RSVP Dates

Here is how RSVP dates work in Scoir. When setting up your visits for students, please ensure you take this into consideration. Once a visit is in a closed state, it cannot be altered for students to…

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Scheduling Office Hours

With the Scoir Calendar, Counselors are able to schedule office hours visits with students. Navigate to the calendar and add a new meeting or pick a time directly within the calendar. Choose the Offi…

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How do I Edit or Change a College Visit?

Editing or changing a college visit can be done by clicking just one time on the visit to open the modal: Here you can Edit, Delete, or Duplicate the visit. Please note: Please be careful of editing…

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Scheduling In-Person Visits & Availability

Visits In Scoir can be either in-person or virtual. In this guide we will walk you through the process of scheduling an in-person visit in your calendar.. Our virtual visits guide can be found here:…

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Office Hours from the Student Perspective

Office Hour Meetings will display in the Upcoming Visits and Office Hours section of the student Dashboard. To join the meeting students can click count me in. They will receive a notification prior…

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