Tracking Application Documents

How Documents Are Processed by Colleges and Universities

Documents are processed in three unique ways by colleges and universities using Scoir. In this article we will explain the three document delivery and processes available in Scoir and how they are us…

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For Counselors: Track Application Materials

( Step-by-step instructional video can be found at the bottom of this page) Once you use SCOIR to send application materials to colleges, these documents can easily be tracked and re-sent as needed.…

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For Counselors: What is the Status of Individual/Bulk Application Documents

After documents have been forwarded to a college, the status can be verified individually or in bulk. Individual Status: Search for the student by name and navigate to the College & Applications tab.…

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For Counselors: Troubleshooting "Missing" Documents

"Missing" Documents in Scoir. In Scoir we created our own pipeline for document sending and delivery that connects your high school directly to the colleges and universities where you are sending doc…

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