Managing Your Account

For Students: What To Do If You Have Multiple Accounts

Please note: Accounts cannot be merged in Scoir. The follow directions need to be followed if you have multiple Scoir accounts. If you have multiple Scoir accounts, please follow one of the below ste…


For Students: Linking Your Existing Scoir Account to a High School

How do I link my existing Scoir account to my high school?. If your high school is not on Scoir or not yet active on Scoir, you do not have the ability to link to that high school in Scoir. These dir…


For Students: Changing Email Addresses or Adding Backup Email

In order to change your email address in SCOIR, the student first must add a backup email account and that email must be verified. Once that is complete, students can make that a primary email and ca…


For Students: How to Delete Your Account

How to Delete your Student Account. Please only do this if you are certain you are no longer want to use your Scoir student account. To delete your Student Profile, first click on the global navigati…


For Students: Managing your My Drive

Scoir offers a comprehensive document storage solution for students with support for common file types and external links. Items in your My Drive will be shared with your counselor and any parent/gua…

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