For Counselors: Running a Report on Applications & Outcomes

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Applications & Outcomes Report

To access Scoir’s reporting tools, go to the Reports tab in the global header. Here you will find a selection of pre-made Standard Reports allowing you to quickly gather student data for common queries.

The Applications & Outcomes report presents an overview of your students’ submitted applications and their outcomes, with the ability to adjust your view by student or college.

For more information on how to Set Student Outcomes and Plans, please view this help doc.

Each Standard Report gives you the ability to filter your dataset, which is accessible by clicking the Filters button on the left-hand side of the browser window. This report is set to display only the current class year by default.

You can filter this dataset by class years, an assigned counselor, groups, a specific college, application status, application type and application method.

  • To clear an individual filter, click the Clear button within that filter’s facet. You can clear all filters by clicking Clear All Filters at the bottom.
  • Once you’re finished setting your filtering options, be sure to click Apply.
  • You can refine the sort order of your data set by clicking the header of the column you’d like to sort by. Columns sort alphabetically or numerically depending on the type of data they contain.
  • Once you’re finished filtering your data and its sort order, you can save a copy for offline use by clicking Download CSV for an editable table, or Print PDF for a read-only list.
Custom binding application rounds from colleges will not be included in the report based on these filters, but can be included by selecting the other application type filter.

For more information on how to Set Student Outcomes and Plans, please view this help doc.

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