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For Students: The Scoir Mobile App, Inbox

The inbox shows you any surveys you may have to complete, notifications, direct messages with a parent, guardian or counselor, and messages from colleges.

My Colleges

Colleges on your Following list can send you messages so you can learn more about them. While colleges can see that someone is interested, they can't see that you specifically are interested. This means that you can connect with colleges, earlier in the process, without sharing your personal information!

My Matches

Colleges on your My Matches list can reach out to you directly through messages, giving you the chance to learn more about their programs, campus life, and anything else you're curious about. Don't worry, we don't share any personal information about you! Colleges only know that you're a potential match based on your preferences.

If you find a college interesting, you can follow them directly from your inbox!

Direct Messaging

The Direct Messaging tab allows you to view and send messages to your counselor or parent/guardian.

To start a new conversation with a parent or counselor, tap the compose icon at the bottom corner of the screen. You will get a list of counselors in your school that you are able to message.

To return to an existing conversation, tap the cell of the conversation from the Direct Messages list.


To view your notifications, toggle to Notifications. Notifications will be displayed by most recent descending, and unread notifications will be indicated by a blue dot.


The surveys tab is where you will be able to view and respond to any surveys that have been sent to you.

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For Students: The Scoir Mobile App, Me

For Students: The Scoir Mobile App, My Colleges