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For Scoir Connected Students: Requesting Letters of Recommendation

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Requesting Letters of Recommendations on Scoir: when your account is linked to a high school and has this feature enabled

Please note: If your student account is linked to a high school on Scoir, using this feature, students can request teacher recommendations via the My Colleges page. If you do not see this button on the My Colleges page and you know your school is using Scoir, you may not be linked properly and should reach out to your Counselor. If you are not linked, your Counselor won't know to send documents to colleges on your behalf. Any other students who are not part of a high school using Scoir should follow the directions for requesting recommendations here.

How do I request teacher recommendations on Scoir?

To request a recommendation:

  1. Go to the My Colleges page.

  1. Click Application Documents button to open the Application Documents window and then click the Request a Recommendation button.

  1. Search for the teacher at your high school you are requesting to provide a recommendation by tying their last name in the 'Teacher' box.
If the person you are requesting to write a recommendation for you is not in your high school as staff, they will not show up as an option and you will need to contact your Counselor. The recommender will need to send your recommendation to your Counselor for them to upload to Scoir.
  1. Specify whether or not you’d like the recommendation to be for a specific college. If you do want the recommendation request to be college specific, select the college to which you would like the recommendation to be sent.
  1. Compose the request by editing the Subject and the Message. Once you’re finished, click Send.

How do I view the status of out standing recommendations which were requested Scoir?

Please note: Students cannot access or view recommendations submitted on their behalf.

To view the status of out standing teacher recommendations on Scoir, follow these steps.

Please Note: this is not how to view if the letters of recommendations are at the college or tell if they were received by the college. This is simply how students can see if their request for a letter of recommendation was completed by the teacher!
  1. Go to the My Colleges page.
  2. Click the Application Documents button and the status of all recommendation requests will be listed.
  3. If a request has not yet been acted upon by the recipient, you may cancel the outstanding request by clicking Cancel.
Please note: Do not cancel any requests unless you no longer wish to utilize this teacher. Once a request is cancelled by a student it CANNOT be submitted again to the same teacher in Scoir!

Once a teacher fulfills your request for a letter of recommendation, you will receive a notification within Scoir!

You can download our Scoir mobile application (on iOS) to receive a push notification once the letter is uploaded. Please again note, this does not mean the document was sent, it simply indicates the letter was uploaded. Your counselor or school supporter will send the documents to your colleges.

Please note: Colleges get flooded with documents during the application cycle and it takes time for their team to process these and get student's portals updated. Please be patient. If your school has submitted letters of recommendation on your behalf and the colleges notifies you that these are missing, our team will be happy to review. However, Scoir support will not be able to assist with this or any missing application documents sent until after 14 business days with a screenshot of your college portal saying the documents are missing, or an email from the college directly saying the documents are missing forwarded to our team.

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