For Students: Requesting Letters of Recommendation

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(Step-by-step instructional video can be found on the bottom of this page)

If your student account is linked to a high school on Scoir, you can request teacher recommendations via the My Colleges page.

How do I request teacher recommendations?

To request a recommendation:

  1. Go to the My Colleges page.
  2. Click Application Documents and then the Request a Recommendation button

  1. Search for the teacher you’re requesting to provide a recommendation.
  2. Specify whether or not you’d like the recommendation to be for a specific college.
  • If the recommendation is college-specific, select the college to which you would like the recommendation to be sent.

Compose the request by editing the Subject and the Message.

Once you’re finished, click Send.

How do I view the status of outstanding recommendations?

To view the status of outstanding teacher recommendations, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the My Colleges page.
  2. Click the Application Documents link.
  3. The status of all recommendation requests will be listed.
  4. If a request has not yet been acted upon by the recipient, you may cancel the outstanding request by clicking Cancel.

Student Letter of Recommendation Process

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