For Counselors: Sending and Scheduling Emails

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Emails can be sent in Scoir directly via the Student Roster.

When sending emails, messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at a future stated time.

Sending Emails

  1. Select the students you wish to email and click the email button to pull up the email drafting system.
  1. Indicate whether you would like to include registered guardians or other members of your team.
  1. Draft and click Send to send the email.

Scheduling Emails

Emails can also be scheduled to be sent at a future date and time.

  1. Select the students you wish to message, click Email, and then click Schedule for Later.
  2. Choose when you would like the email to be sent and choose if you wish to set a reminder and the time for the reminder.

Notes on Emails

  • Depending on your school's current email integration emails may come from automated at Scoir or directly from your email
  • Regardless of the above, if a student replies the email it will be sent back to your email inbox
  • Past or currently scheduled emails can be viewed via the Email Center

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