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For Students: Taking a Career Assessment

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Take a careers assessment and get matched with best fit careers 👩‍🔬

Accessing the Career Interest Assessment

Get started by taking a 5 minute assessment to match your interests with careers! This is an internal assessment provided by Scoir.

There are 3 ways to access and take the Career Assessment for the first time. Each way will bring you to the same Career Assessment.

  1. Career Assessment from your Dashboard
  2. Career Assessment from your Profile
  3. Career Assessment in Discover

Career Assessment from your Dashboard

From your Dashboard, click Take Career Assessment.

Career Assessment from Your Profile

You can also begin the career assessment by navigating to your Profile and selecting Careers in the left sidebar (or simply scroll down to reach that section). Then, select the Take a Career Assessment button to begin.

Career Assessment in Discover

Navigate to Discover > Careers, and on the right side, choose Take Career Assessment.

Completing the Career Assessment

The assessment can be finished in roughly 5 minutes, but you can spend as long as needed.

Please note: The assessment MUST be completed in one sitting as your progress will not be saved.

Click Begin Assessment to see the first question.

During the assessment, you'll walk through 60 questions that cover activities people perform when working in different careers. Show how much you like, or dislike, each activity by clicking on the tile with the response that suits you best.

Select back to change the prior question’s ranking.

When using the back button, you will have to resubmit all previous responses if you navigate beyond the most recent question. In other words, if you decide on question 5 that you want to change the response to question 1, you can go back to question 1, but you will have to respond to questions 2-4 again.

Once all 60 questions are complete, choose the View Career Matches button.

When completing the assessment, you'll be taken directly to Careers in Discover to view your matches (which are listed when the For You filters is selected). The For You filter is always pre-selected when you navigate to Careers after taking an assessment.

Learn more about exploring, filtering, and saving careers here.

You can take the Career Assessment as many times as you like by selecting Retake Assessment.

Before retaking the assessment, review and save any careers of interest! Retaking the assessment will remove prior matches and populate new ones.

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