For Students: Changing Email Addresses or Adding Backup Email

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In order to change your email address in SCOIR, the student first must add a backup email account and that account must be verified. Once that is complete, students can make that a primary email and remove any other emails.


To do this, navigate to the My Profile tab, specifically to Personal Details.

Enter the email address for the backup email address and click the + button. You should then see an awaiting validation notice in purple.


A verification email will be forwarded to the new email address. The email must be confirmed by clicking on the link and logging into Scoir as you normally would with your old email and password. The new email will also reflect awaiting confirmation.


Once confirmed, students will get confirmation the account was verified.  They can then make this the primary email address.



They will then be able to make that account primary if they wish and remove the old account or simply use it as a backup email to keep!

Once you select an email as PRIMARY, your Scoir login will be changed to the new email as your USER ID. 



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