For Students: Changing Email Addresses or Adding Backup Email

In order to change your email address in SCOIR, the student first must add a backup email account and that email must be verified. Once that is complete, students can make that a primary email and can remove any other emails if they wish.

 PLEASE NOTE: Emails can only be used (1) time. Students can only link to their high school using (1) email. If you already created an account using your 'alternate' email, you will never be able to make this your primary email. Updating an email is designed to use an email that has not already previously been used to create an account. Only Scoir support can delete emails, so if you accidentally created a second account using your existing email, you will need to email to remove this prior to attempting to use this email again as your primary.

To do this, navigate to the My Profile tab, specifically to Personal Details. Your email(s) will be listed under Account.

  1. Click + Add Alternate Email button and enter the email address you would like for the backup/alternate email address. You can select if you would like to receive notifications at this email address as well using the checkbox. Click Done once complete.


You should then see an awaiting validation notice in purple next to that email address on your profile under Account.

  1. A verification email will be sent to the new email address. The email must be confirmed by clicking on the link and logging into Scoir as you normally would with your old email and password.
Please note: When you click the button in the email to veirfy, you do need to login with your current credentials (current primary email address) and password. Please see below screenshot for reference.


  1. Once confirmed, you will get confirmation the account was verified. 
You cannot make the secondary email address your primary email until you have verified it!



  1. You can then make that email address your primary email address by going to your Student Profile page and selecting the Make Primary button next to the email address on your profile under Account.
    1. You can then also remove the old email address by clicking the pencil icon next to your emails on your Account or simply keep the other email as a backup/secondary email.

Once you select an email as PRIMARY, your Scoir login will be changed to the new email as your USER ID. You will need to login to Scoir with this new primary email address going forward.



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