For Students: Updating Your Academic Information

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If you don't see the blue pencil icons to Edit as outlined in the sections below, your school may have restricted your ability to change the information. Reach out to your counselor if you think your information is incorrect.

Updating your Academic Overview

The Academic Overview section contains your high school and test score information.

High School Information

  • If you want to update your high school graduation year, click the Edit button next to your high school. 

  • If you have transferred to a new school and would like to keep your Scoir account, you will need to contact your former counselor and ask to be dis-enrolled. This step will not delete your account, it will just allow you to be connected to your new school.

    You can then ask your new counselor to add you to your new school with your name, student ID and birthday, but WITHOUT filling out your email. Once your account is created, follow this guide to be linked to your new high school.


You can edit your GPA by clicking the blue pencil Edit button in the GPA tile. You will be presented with a window to edit your GPA. When you’re finished, click Save.

Test Scores

To add a test score, click the + Add Test button and select the test type you’d like to record. You’ll be prompted to provide the related scores based on your selection, then click Save.

To edit an existing score, click Show Details to expose your test score history, then click the test date from the table. You’ll be prompted to update the recorded scores for that test.

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