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For Counselors: Student Roster Overview

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The student roster is flexible and can easily be tailored to your needs!

Middle school counselors, please note that your access and visibility into certain features might differ compared to high school counselors'.

Customizing the Student Roster

There are multiple ways to customize the student roster. You can apply filters, add or remove columns, and adjust column order, size, and sorting. Save your preferences using Views for quick access later, and easily export all the customized information.


Using Filters, narrow down student lists based on areas like Class Year, First Generation, Test Scores, Career Assessments, and much more.

Click here to see a description of each filter
Class Years - Pick a specific one or a range

Counselor Assignment - Search by a specific counselor

Registration Status - Filter for those who have registered or have not registered

Labels - Search for students that fall under those Labels

Assignments - Use filters in this section to see students who have incomplete, overdue, or completed assignments

Engagement - Use filters in this section to view students who have interacted with colleges (e.g. suggested, following, applied, applying, etc.). Select the filters you want to use by checking yes or no

College - Once you enter a specific college, choose a specific list you'd like to see, whether Following / Applying / Applied / Accepted / Enrolled. Both must be completed for results

Applications - Select the method in which the students are applying to college (Common App, Coalition (Legacy), Coalition on Scoir, College Website, Other)

Career Assessment - Filter to students who have completed or not completed their Career Assessment


Test Scores
- First, choose the specific test score or subject score, then select the desired score range you'd like to filter by. (You can filter by: SAT SuperScore, highest SAT (highest total score in one sitting), highest SAT Reading/Writing, Highest SAT Math, ACT SuperScore, highest ACT (highest composite score), highest ACT English, highest ACT Math, highest ACT Reading, and highest ACT Science)

Last Login - Select appropriate dates

FERPA - Search for students based on their FERPA Release Waiver status and/or their FERPA Waiver status

First Generation



Legal Sex


Easily choose to add and remove Columns. You can also drag and drop categories in the Column Order, so they appear in the order you want on the roster.

Pinning columns

Pin columns to keep them visible and locked, ensuring key information remains in view while you scroll horizontally:

column pinning on student roster
  1. Click the three vertical dots next to the column header you want to pin (the Name column is pinned by default)
  2. Choose either Pin left or Pin right
    1. Pin left: Moves the column to the far left and locks it in place. Additional columns pinned to the left will appear next to the first pinned column
    2. Pin right: Moves the column to the far right and locks it in place. Additional columns pinned to the right will appear next to the first pinned column

To unpin a column, click the three vertical dots and select Unpin. The column will return to its original position.

☝️To keep the columns pinned, save it as a new View or save changes to your current View.


Once you have your Filters and Columns set the way you like, you can save your View, add to an existing View, or set the View as your default.

When working with Views, keep in mind that:

  • You can set a View as default during creation or at a later time
  • Your preferences, including filters, active columns, order, column size, and sort settings, are stored within Views
  • Changes to existing Views can be saved and will apply to all users at your school
  • Views can be deleted


Choose to export your current view or all columns in the roster. You can also select a group of students and export only their data.

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Managing Students from the Roster

From the Student Roster, you can take actions like adding students, emailing students, suggesting colleges, and more!

Adding a Student

Select Add Student in the top right corner of the roster.

From there, add the student information.

Previewing Student Records

Easily preview students from the roster by hovering over a student's name and selecting Preview.

From there, you can add notes, see the student, school, and academic overview, and take actions from the (...) action menu in the top right. If you have custom properties, you'll also see these listed here!

Taking Student Actions

When selecting individual students, or groups of students, you can take specific actions.

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