For Counselors: Creating a Demo Student Account

Middle school counselors, please note that your access and visibility into certain features might differ compared to high school counselors'.

While Scoir does not allow counselors to shadow their students, we understand that there are times when a counselor may need access to an account in order to see what the students side of the platform is like. Please use the directions below to add a demo student to your high school.

Creating a "Demo" student directly within your roster

You must use a unique email to create this account.

You have the ability to add a "Demo" student to your roster directly from the Students tab. Just enter in the details, enter the personal email address (not one already associated with a Scoir account) you'd like to have associated with this account, a DOB and Student ID (you can make this up) and then just check your mailbox to confirm your registration and create a password.

  1. Go to Students > Roster and click +Add Student.
If your school rosters students using Clever, you will see the below notice when adding the student. Please note, the demo student will not be able to sign in to Scoir using Clever, as the demo student will not be rostering to Scoir from Clever.

  1. Enter the required information that is denoted by the asterisk and click 'Add Student'.
If you have already created a demo student that is not yet linked to your high school in Scoir, you can follow these same steps to get them linked to your high school in Scoir. Just be sure to enter the email address that is on the account when entering the student's information at your high school!

  1. After adding the student, be sure to send them an invite to get the account registered and set up on Scoir.

Now you're all set and should be able to use the demo student account for your high school going forward!

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