Uploading A Teacher Recommendation for a Teacher/Counselor

SCOIR provides the ability to upload teacher recommendations on behalf of other teachers or counselors, who either do not have access to SCOIR, or perhaps have retired and are not active the school.  Whatever the reason, Counselors are able to upload these recommendations 'on behalf of' another person so they can be forwarded with College Applications.


Search for a student in the super search bar:  


Navigate to the Student Profile Page by clicking on the student.  Go to the Documents tab.



Click on the + Add Recommendation.


Next, select the Teacher tab to the left.  Enter the teacher name or select 'create new teacher' if the teacher is not in SCOIR.

Screen_Shot_2017-12-08_at_4.34.51_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-12-08_at_4.36.31_PM.png



If the teacher is already in SCOIR, typing their name will populate the box, which will allow selection of this user.  Otherwise, click create new teacher.  Even though the teacher is being created, it does not mean that they will be invited to join SCOIR. They simply must be a member of the staff list in SCOIR and upon creation will be marked as inactive.



Is this college-specific?  If so, please type the name of the college.


Click +Choose a File to upload your .pdf


Once the file is uploaded, simply click Save and Submit.


Your new recommendation will appear in the Recommendation section of the documents tab and will be immediately available to send to colleges.


The newly created teacher will show in the SCOIR staff list as 'inactive'.






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