For Counselors: Uploading Recommendations on Behalf of Teachers/Counselors/Other

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Scoir provides the ability to upload recommendations on behalf of other teachers/counselors/others, who either do not have access to Scoir, or perhaps have retired and are no longer active at your school.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Search for a student in the search bar and navigate to their Scoir profile:
  2. Go to the Manage Documents tab under the Colleges & Applications section of their profile.
  3. Under the Recommendations section, click +Add.
    1. For 'On Behalf of:' choose 'Other'. Type in the Recommender Name, Recommender Title (optional), and if the recommendation is college specific, type in the college name.
    2. Click +Choose a File to upload your .pdf. You can only upload .pdf files. Once the file is uploaded, simply click Save & Submit.

Other Recommendation

This new recommendation will appear in the Recommendations section of the student's Manage Documents and will be immediately available to include in a student's application packet.

To learn more about using Scoir to manage recommendation letters, view our Letters of Recommendation video guide.

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