For Counselors: Uploading Recommendations on Behalf of an 'Other Recommender' outside of Scoir

Scoir provides the ability to upload recommendations on behalf of other teachers/counselors/others, who either do not have access to Scoir, or perhaps have retired and are no longer active at your school.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Search for a student in the search bar and navigate to their Scoir profile:
  2. Go to the Manage Documents tab under the Colleges & Applications section of their profile.
  3. Under the Recommendations section, click +Add.
    1. For 'On Behalf of:' choose 'Other'. Type in the Recommender Name, Recommender Title (optional), and if the recommendation is college-specific, type in the college name.
    2. Click +Choose a File to upload your .pdf. You can only upload .pdf files. Once the file is uploaded, simply click Save & Submit.

If you would like to have the recommendation show as a 'teacher' recommendation instead of an 'other' recommendation, you can click on behalf of a Teacher. If the teacher is not a staff member at your high school, click 'create new teacher', add the required info, and upload your file. You must use an email that is not linked to a registered Scoir account, or you'll receive an error. Creating a new teacher will add this teacher to your 'Users' tab. After you uploaded the file, this recommendation will now be listed as a 'teacher recommendation' in the student's Data Management tab, and you can remove the user that you created. This will not remove the letter from the Manage Document section.

These new recommendations will appear in the Recommendations section of the student's Manage Documents and will be immediately available to include in a student's application packet.

To learn more about using Scoir to manage recommendation letters, view our Letters of Recommendation video guide.

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