For CBO Counselors: Managing your Account

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Updating/Changing Your Email

In order to change your email address it must be first added as an alternate email, validated, and then set as primary.

  1. Navigate to your profile settings from the drop-down menu

  1. Click on Add Alternate Email and enter the email address you would like to use

  1. Verify the new email address and set it as Primary

  1. (Optional) Remove your previous (now secondary) email

Changing Your Notification Settings

Scoir allows you to customize email preferences. This means you can choose whthere or not you receive email notifications from Scoir regarding your students:

To review or update your Notification Settings.

  • Click the Welcome dropdown menu and select Personal Profile.

  • Next click Account Settings

Forgotten Your Password?

1.  Navigate to the URL:

2.  Enter the email address you received as the User ID (

3.  Click Forgot your password? This will send you an email to your mailbox to change your password.

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