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The Me tab hosts your Scoir profile information and allows you to view your student's information, as well. You can view your student's resume, test scores, My Drive, Career Profile, College Preferences, and Application Documents that may need your attention.


First, the Me section includes your Profile, College Preferences, and Settings.


You can update your personal info by tapping the field with your name at the top of the My Profile tab, then tapping the Personal Info cell to open the edit window.

You will be presented with an edit window to record any changes to your name, phone number, or address.

When you’re finished, tap Save.

College Preferences

This is where you can view your College Preferences. To edit your preferences, click the pencil icon in the bottom right, edit your selections, and click Save.


Here, you can set your Appearance preference (light mode, dark mode, or automatic). You can also choose to delete your account from here.

Your Student's Profile

Within the Me section, you can also view your student's details. Click on your student's name to begin.

In order to see your student's information, you must be linked to your student in Scoir—here is how to do so. Before linking, be sure to ask your student what email they use with Scoir.
Then, if your student is linked to their high school, you can view their counselor.


This is where you can view your student's personal information (name, birthday, high school). You can also message your student's counselor from this tab.


Scoir allows students to create a resume with information from their Profile page as well as their GPA.

Any information your student has entered will appear here.

Test Scores

Within Test Scores, you can view any ACT, SAT, NMSQT, PSAT, etc. scores that your student or their school has entered into their account.

My Drive

The My Drive tab is where you can upload important files and links to your student's Scoir account to collaborate with them and their counselor.

  • To view a file in your student's drive, tap the file and choose to Preview or Download.
  • To add a file, tap the Add button, tap Upload files, and select a file from the file picker.
  • To add a link to your student's drive, tap the Add button, tap Add a link, and then paste the link’s URL in the Paste Share Link field and give the link a title.

You can sort the items in your drive by tapping the sort button above the item list, then selecting a ‘sort by’ option.

Colleges Preferences

Here, you can view your student's Matches (from the Find Your College Match Quiz), which are colleges that match their listed preferences.

You can also view those preferences via this page.

Application Documents

Here, you can view any of your student's application documents (such as Early Decision contracts) that require your signature.

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