Understanding Scattergram Display Settings

Scattergrams visually depict historical admissions decisions using previous students' GPAs and SAT/ACT scores. Scattergrams are intended to provide a guidepost to gauge likelihood of acceptance and are not intended to be a definitive predictor of admission.
A student will only be plotted as a data point on the scattergram if they have both a GPA and an ACT or SAT score in their profile. This may affect students without test scores who apply completely test-optional.

Use the Scattergram Display Settings to control the scattergram data seen by parents and students. Use this guide to learn more about your scattergram options.

To learn more about how to use scattergrams after you have adjusted your settings, view our "Using Scattergrams to Assess Admissions Probability" guide.

NOTE: Ā You must have theĀ Account AdministratorĀ role to change these settings.

To begin, click on theĀ School SettingsĀ menu under theĀ MoreĀ button drop-down of the Scoir app.

On theĀ Account SettingsĀ page, locate the section labeledĀ Application Scattergram Display Settings.Ā This is found under theĀ "College Lists and Acceptance Data"Ā heading.

Minimum number of acceptances for display to students

This option controls the number of acceptances from a college that are required before a college's scattergram data can be viewed by a student or parent.

In the example below, a college would need at least 12 acceptances from your school before scattergram data will populate for students and parents. If a college has fewer acceptances from your school than your minimum, the scattergram will be blank when viewed from the student or parent app.

Regardless of your minimum acceptances number, scattergram data can always be viewed from the counselor app.
TIP: If you do not wish students or parents to see any scattergram data, you can set your minimum number very high, such as "1,000." This will prevent scattergram data from being viewed in the student or parent app since they would not be able to meet your minimum number of acceptances.

Include applications beginning with class year

Use this option to decide how far back you would like your scattergram data to populate. If you select a class year using this option, only acceptance data beginning with that class year will be used to generate your scattergrams. Any data older than the class year you select will be omitted.

If you wish to use your complete alumni data to populate scattergrams, do not use this option.

Plot Alumni Data Only - Exclude Senior Class Outcomes

Choose to use data for your current Seniors with your scattergrams, or exclude Seniors from scattergram data until graduation.

Plot Hook Data for Families

You have the option to share hook data with students and parents when they view scattergrams.

NOTE: Students and parents never see any information that identifies the individual student or the nature of the hook, only that the scattergram data point in question is an outlier.

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