Enable Application Materials (Documents)

Use Scoir to send your application materials quickly and easily to our Scoir-connected colleges.

NOTE: Ā You must have theĀ Account AdministratorĀ role to enable your application material option.

To begin, click on theĀ School SettingsĀ menu under the More button drop-down of the Scoir app.

On theĀ Account SettingsĀ page, locate the Process Application Materials setting just below the "Account Settings" header at the top of the page.Ā 

To enable application materials processing for your school, click on theĀ Contact Scoir Support to update Application Material preferencesĀ link. Scoir support will be notified of your Application Materials request and is always ready to assist. You will receive a notification by email from support@scoir.com once your Application Materials settings have been enabled.

To learn more about using Scoir to send application materials, view our Send Application Materials guide.

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