For Students: Scoir Connected Students vs. Not Linked to a High School

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As a student on Scoir, you are either invited by your high school to join or you can create your own account. If you are invited by your high school, you will be linked to your high school in Scoir and have access to different features than if you are not linked to your high school.

If your high school is not on Scoir, you can still use Scoir to discover colleges, and also to apply with Scoir! The biggest difference is in how you will request your application documents (trasncripts, recommendations, etc.) Below is how you can tell the difference when you create your account:

Not Linked to a High School Scoir Student

The screenshot below is what you will receive after signing up with Scoir if you are not Linked to a high school:

Please see here for more details on creating your own account.

Scoir Connected Student (Linked to a High School)

The screenshot below is the invite link you will receive from your school counselor to sign up with Scoir:

Please see here for more details on creating your account when invited by your high school.

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