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For Students: Comparing Colleges

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In Scoir, you can compare colleges side-by-side to compare key aspects of each college to one another.

Creating a College Compare

First, navigate to the Discover tab or go from your dashboard. Start your search, use your last search, our explore the My Matches or You May Also Like options to find colleges you want to add to your college compare.

Adding Colleges to your College Compare

Click the +Add to Compare button to add the college to your College Compare. You can do this from a few different locations, the college profile, the search bar, and your search results list, all listed below. You can choose up to 4 colleges to compare!

Adding a College to College Compare from the College Profile

Adding a College to College Compare from the Search tab

Adding a College to College Compare from your Filtered Search Results

Manage Your Comparison

Remove or re-order schools if needed by using the College Compare side bar to open the Manage Your Comparison box once you have added colleges to compare. Click the Compare button to see the full comparison of the colleges.

View Your Completed Comparison

  1. Click the Compare button in Manage Your Comparison to see the full comparison of the colleges.

  1. You can also click Compare Now directly on one of the college profiles you have in your Compare Colleges.

  1. You will then see the full breakdown and comparison of these 4 colleges you have selected side-by-side and be able to explore and compare!

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