For Colleges: Guidelines for College Profile Header Photos

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Scoir allows you to customize the photo at the top of the college profile, as shown below, as well as your college logo!

To edit this photo, you will need to email directly with a new photo in the size required by our team.

Size Guidelines

The dimensions of the header image space on college profile pages is 1440 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall.

  • Images used in this space must be at least 1440 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. Images can be larger than this area, and Scoir support can either crop or shrink them to fit. However, header images should never be smaller than these two dimensions.


Content Guidelines

  • Header images should not contain any text or graphics, and should be a single image. Avoid images with logos and phrases embedded on the image, and do not use a collage of images.

  • Signage that displays the name of the college should also be avoided as the image will be displayed right under their name

  • We recommend trying to show off your campus with your header images!

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