For Counselors: Viewing Survey Results

(Step-by-step video can be found at the bottom of this page)

Once your surveys are published you will see their status and information in the table on the Surveys page.

To quickly download a report of all survey responses, click the download icon in the survey's row.

Click on the recipients link to know which students completed your survey. By clicking the recipient list, you'll also be able to filter by status (not started, in-progress, complete) and audience and have the ability to email students/parents that did not complete the survey yet.

Click on the blue View Responses button to view an individual's responses, or click on Print-View to print the student's results:


If you chose to allow teachers to view the survey you published for students who request a letter of recommendation from them, they will see survey results on the student's profile page here:

How-To Video

Surveys Once Published from Scoir on Vimeo

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