Step 2: Connecting Slate and Scoir

Actions in this Guide require both the Account Administrator and Admissions Operations roles in Scoir.

In Part 2, we will be adding information about your Slate instance in Scoir to enable the connection between Scoir and your Slate instance.

To complete this step, you will need a Scoir account with both the Account Administrator and Admissions Operations roles. If you do not have a Scoir account, or are unsure if your account has the required roles, contact your college's Scoir Account Administrator or email Scoir Support at

Follow the steps below to connect Slate with Scoir:

  1. Log in to Scoir at
  2. Go to the Documents tab, and click on the Configure Integrations option.
  3. In the Easy Slate Setup panel, enter your Slate Username in the "Username" field, then click the Save icon.
    Your Slate Username is the domain name associated with your Slate system. You can locate this in the address bar of your web browser when accessing Slate.

  4. Click Test Connection to test your connection between Slate and Scoir.
  5. Once the connection has been confirmed as successful, you can toggle your Slate integration to Active.

    With your Slate Integration set to Active, documents and student information will now be sent from Scoir to your Slate instance.

    Document batches and applicant document history will continue to be tracked in Scoir as well, for reference and re-downloading if needed.
  6. Email Scoir Support at and request a test batch of documents and student details.

    You will need to receive at least one document batch from Scoir to complete your Slate Mapping, which we will cover in Part 3. Scoir Support can send you a document batch so that you can complete this process.

Once you have activated your Slate Integration with Scoir and received our test document batch, you are ready to proceed to Part 3.

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