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Inviting Faculty and Staff

Inviting Faculty and Staff

  1. Navigate to the Users Menu from the Welcome Dropdown
  2. Filter and select the team members you wish to invite with the checkbox to the left of their name
  3. Choose: I would like to... and then Invite Staff

A red x indicates they have already been registered, so no invite will be sent.

The two small arrows indicates that the staff member has already been invited but has not registered. The staff member will be re-invited if invite is selected.

The Faculty and Staff Invite Email

Staff members will receive the following email, asking them to join their staff on Scoir.

Checking Staff Registration Status

In order for students to be able to request recommendations from a specific teacher, that teacher must be registered in Scoir. Unregistered teachers will not show in the student list. To check the status of a teacher registration, navigate to welcome dropdown menu, specifically Users.

Any staff member without Active under status and without any information in the Last Login column has not registered yet and will not be available for student requests.

To Re-Invite a Staff Member

You can navigate to your welcome dropdown menu and choose the user. Select the staff member you would like to re-invite. Choose I would like to and click Invite Staff. A new invite will be sent to the member via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email but I never registered my account

If you are unable to locate the email you received from your high school to register your account or if you deleted it, we are able to generate another email to you.

Contact your Scoir Client Success Manager or email to request another invitation be sent. Please include the email address along with the associated high school. You can also contact your Account Administrator to re-send the email invite.

Email invitations expire in 7 days and users need to be re-invited afterwards.

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