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For Colleges: One-Time Messages

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Outreach Messages are a great way to connect with students and their supporters, helping you recruit those who meet your enrollment goals. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of creating one-time outreach messages.

Overview: One-Time Messages

One-time messages are only sent once based on the Audience you define when composing your message.

  • One-time messages are sent immediately to students defined in the audience
  • Your Audience can only get broader as you add more categories
  • One-time messages can NOT be edited once received by a student or parent


The Audience is where you will choose if students or parents will receive the message.

Customizing Your Audience

Begin customizing your audience by selecting a segment. By default, students are segmented into My Matches—prospects who have matched with you based on their college preferences but have not yet followed you. Parents, on the other hand, default to Followers—parents/guardians of students who are following, applying to, or have applied to your school.

You can further narrow down your audience by applying one or more filters within the Filter segment.

All filters can be applied to students, but parents can only be segmented by:

  • Engagement Stage
  • Class Year
  • Location
  • First Generation Students
  • High School
For descriptions of each filter, click here

Engagement Stage lets you choose whether you want to reach students who are Following your college, are Applying, or have Applied

Class Year narrows your message’s scope by the selected class year(s)

Academic Focus includes the selected majors students have added to their college preferences like Business and Nursing

Student Life sends your message to students who have included selected interests in their college preferences like school programs, clubs, and sports

Career Interests allows you to target students according to their saved career preferences. Simply select up to 10 career options to refine your outreach.

Demographics lets you segment by Legal Sex and Neighborhood Household Income

Location includes State and Community Type such as city or rural

First Generation Students narrows your message to students who are first generation

High School lets you segment students in specific high schools (via search), and choose school type whether that's public or private

Academic Profile allows you to reach only students who reported test scores like ACT / SAT within a selected range

Customized messages in Scoir are INCLUSIVE meaning that the more categories listed the more students you will typically reach.


One-time Messages can be scheduled to be sent at any time in the future. Once scheduled, that is the time that the message will be sent.

Message Actions

You can click on the subject line to view a preview of your message.

Messages can be edited or deleted by using the Action selector on the right-most side of the message.

Admin Edit: Using Admin Edit will change the message in existing student's inboxes, and will save this version to be sent to all students in the future. Only Scoir Admin users can complete this action.

Delete: Deleting a message will delete it from the Outreach queue. Messages that have already reached an audience will not be removed from their message inbox.

Create A One-Time Message

  1. Navigate to Engage > Messaging
  2. Select One-Time and click + New Message
  3. Select your audience and customize it by choosing a segment and/or using one or more of the filters located within Filter segment
  4. Choose a send date and time
  5. Add a Subject and compose your message in the Body
  6. (Optional) Add a Call to Action Button
    1. Provide a link to the webpage where you want to direct your recipients
    2. Update the button label
  7. Once you’re finished staging and composing your message, click Schedule to schedule immediately or Draft to save as a draft to be scheduled at a later date
Interactions with your call to action will be included in that message’s “Clicks” count.

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