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For Students: Taking the PrinciplesYou Character Assessment

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If your Scoir account was provided by your high school, and you don't see the option to take the PrinciplesYou assessment, then your high school counselor must enable access.

Students can only take PrinciplesYou once! When taking the assessment, please turn off all distractions and be in a quiet place where you can focus.

Please note: the Principles You Career assessment cannot be completed on the app on a mobile device. It must be completed on a computer or laptop.

What is PrinciplesYou

PrinciplesYou is a scientifically-validated character assessment with a framework designed to tap into character traits and measure across 3 orientations: 

  • Cognitive
  • Interpersonal
  • Motivational

Once complete, you'll receive Archetype results giving you a better understanding of how you'll fit into careers, how jobs truly match your tendencies, and how you can work with different personalities in different fields. 

Accessing PrinciplesYou

There are 3 ways to access and take the PrinciplesYou Character Assessment for the first time, or to complete your progress if you didn't finish in one sitting. Each way will bring you to PrinciplesYou.

PrinciplesYou from Your Dashboard

From your Dashboard, click Your Assessments to choose PrinciplesYou.

PrinciplesYou from Your Profile

You can also begin PrinciplesYou by navigating to your Profile

Choose Careers in the left sidebar (or simply scroll down to reach that section). Then, select Your Assessments and choose PrinciplesYou.

If you have saved careers, you’ll see Your Assessments on the upper right hand side of Careers. 

PrinciplesYou in Discover

Navigate to Discover > Careers. On the left side, click Your Assessments and select PrinciplesYou Assessment.

Completing PrinciplesYou

The assessment can be finished in roughly 30-40 minutes, but you can spend as long as needed. Your progress will automatically save along the way, so you can return where you left off if needed.

We recommend completing PrinciplesYou in a space where you can turn off distractions and focus on you!
PLEASE NOTE: This assessment can only be taken (1) time. It cannot be reset and retaken.

Now that you’ve accessed PrinciplesYou from the dashboard, your profile, or Careers in Discover, click Take the PrinciplesYou Assessment to see the first question.

During the assessment, you’ll be presented with descriptions and rank how these apply to you on a 7 point scale ranging from Disagree Strongly to Agree Strongly. You'll see your completion rate at the top. If you leave the assessment before completion by selecting the X in the right corner, you'll pick up where you left off.

You will not be able to change any responses once you've submitted them.

Once all questions are completed, choose See My Matches or Download the Report

Your report will automatically be uploaded to your Scoir My Drive, and is viewable by counselors and parents. At the bottom of this article, we share how you can hide results from parents.

​If you choose See My Matches, you’ll be taken to Careers in Discover with the PrinciplesYou filter checked. 

Fit levels based on the PrinciplesYou assessment results show on the Career cards.

When the PrinciplesYou and Interest Assessment filters are both checked, the list will prioritize career matches that have a fit level for both assessments. You can hover over the tag to see which assessment the fit level is for.

When going back to Your Assessments after completing PrinciplesYou, there will be a closed arrow because you can only take it once, while the Career Interest Assessment has an open arrow because it can be retaken as many times as you like.

View your PrinciplesYou report by navigating to your Profile > My Drive.

If you prefer to hide this file from parents, click the 3 dot icon on the right of the file, and choose Hide from Parents.

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