For District Admins: Adding and Managing Users in Your Network Account

If you have been designated as a Network Manager you may also add other users to your network of schools

  1. To add a new user to your network first navigate to the Users menu from the Welcome Dropdown Menu
    1. The users menu is where users and user permissions are managed

  1. Next complete the login credentials for the new network user.
Please Note: The credentials do not need to be unique if the user already has login credentials for a school within the network

  1. Network Users can be designated as a Network Manager with the ability to manage different aspects of the network, a Network User who may view network dashboards or a Network Communications Manager who can manage aspects of their networks communication.
  2. Once the user has been added, they will receive an email informing them that they are now able to register to use the system. For an overview of the login process please see the following article: Logging in to your Network

type network

counselor users

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For District Admins: Network Roles and Permissions