For Counselors: Track Application Materials

(Step-by-step instructional video can be found at the bottom of this page)

Once you use SCOIR to send application materials to colleges, these documents can easily be tracked and re-sent as needed.

Navigate to the Applications | Track tab.


College tiles will be listed in alphabetical order.  An overview of each college will provide the number of students who have applied along with the number of documents.  Also display is how the documents wer processes; manually processed (this means the documents were downloaded and emailed by the counselor) or Docs Sent and Doc Delivered (this means the college is on the SCOIR platform and documents were sent and downloaded directly through SCOIR).


To view documents sent to a college, click on the View Details button in the college tile. 


The tile will open up to show the students' name as well as the materials and dates which the documents were either sent directly, or downloaded for emailing.  


In addition to these features, sorting tools are also provided.



How-To Video

Tracking Application Documents from Scoir on Vimeo 

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