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For Colleges: Applicant Insights & Management

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Accessible from Application, what appears on the Applicants tab is different depending on whether you accept applications from Scoir. 

  • If your college accepts applications from Scoir, you’ll see both Applicant Insights & Applicant Management on the Applicants tab.
  • If your college does NOT accept applications from Scoir, you’ll only see Applicant Management on the Applicants tab. 


Role Required

View all dashboard insights

All Users

View and download application documents

Admissions Operations

The data contained on this page reflects the current academic year.

Applicant Insights

Institutions that accept applications from Scoir can view Application Status and Applications by Month within the Applicant Insights section.

Application Status
  • Method Selected: Applicants who have selected Scoir as their app method.
  • In-Progress: Applicants with completed Application Profile in Scoir, but incomplete supplement. 
  • Submitted: Applicants with completed Application Profile in Scoir and completed supplement.

These are point in time metrics, rather than cumulative. In other words, as students begin your supplement, the number you see reflected in Method Selected will go down as the In-Progress number goes up.

Applications by Month

The number of unique applications in-progress and submitted each month

Applications by Month defaults to the graph view.

Hovering over each bar reveals the total number of applications in a given month, with a breakdown of the application status: Method Selected, In-Progress, Submitted 

For accessibility, you can also access the same data in a list view using the toggle in the upper right corner. See below

Applicant Management

View and manage applicant details and documents

In this table, you’ll find each unique applicant record available to you in Scoir.

If you accept applications from Scoir, multiple application methods may be shown. You can use the toggle at the top to view All Methods or Scoir only. The table defaults to All Application Methods.

Certain information is available for All Methods, while other information is only available for apps submitted via Scoir. That unique information is highlighted below:

Columns within All Methods include:

  • Student Name
  • High School 
  • App Method
  • App Round

App Method is unique to the All Methods view.

Columns within Scoir include:

  • Student Name
  • High School
  • App Type 
  • App Round
  • Status

App Type and Status are unique to the Scoir view.

How to view an applicant record

Within the All Methods view, expanding the Applicant will open a drawer with additional application information:

  • Application Method
  • Applicant Info
  • Docs
  • Document Type
    • Batch Date: When the document was sent
    • Action: Clicking the eye will present a preview

Expanding an applicant record from the Scoir view reveals the same drawer with slightly different information: 

  • Under Application Details, App Round and App Type are also indicated, along with App Status
  • You’ll also have the option to download the applicant’s Application Profile PDF
  • Under Applicant Info, Fee Waiver and First Gen are reflected 
Only individuals with the Admissions Operations role can view and download documents.

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