For Counselors: Notifications & Alerts

(Step-by-step video can be found on the bottom of the page)

Whenever something happens on Scoir that you should be aware of - a file import is completed, a college scheduled a visit, someone sends you a message - you will receive an Alert icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

A red dot indicates that a message has been sent to you and was not read. Clicking on the message box will open up the conversation.

Clicking on the Alert icon will display all recent Notifications.  

Clicking on any Notification will bring you to that item in Scoir (except for information-only alerts).

Notifications & Alerts Video Overview

Notifications are dependent on the user's assigned role. For example, users with the Communication Manager role will receive all notifications and alerts regarding scheduled Visits. To prevent users from receiving these notifications, you can adjust their roles via roles and permissions.

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