For Counselors: My student has a Scoir account but I can't see their data

Most times when a student has a Scoir account and has selected colleges which are not showing on the counselor portal, it is due to the student account not being linked to the high school.

There are a few ways to check to see if the student is linked to the high school.


  1. The counselor should do a search for the student by typing their name in the search bar and then navigate to the student profile. Check to see if the student is Active or not.
    1. NOT Active
    1. Active
    If the student is NOT linked, the counselor should click on the invite button (or re-invite if already invited) and the student will get an email invite to link to that high school.  Once the student clicks on the email and links, the counselor will be able to view all of the student's Scoir data. 
  2. Counselors can get a quick overview of students who are registered and who are not by simply navigating to the Student Roster tab and filtering by registration status.

Students also have the ability on the student portal to see if they are linked by navigating to their student profile.

  1. Connected to a high school active in Scoir
  1.  Not connected to a high school









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