For Non Scoir High School/International/Transfer Students: How Many Recommendations Do I Need?

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How do I know if I am a Non Scoir High School connected student? (not linked to a high school that uses Scoir)

Non Scoir High School connected students will have the option to request letters of recommendation through Scoir! This process will include you sending your recommender an email to fill out your recommendation to send to colleges that you applied to using Apply with Scoir. These screens are specific to student users who are not linked to a high school. If your high school uses Scoir, and you are seeing the same screens, check with your Counselor to make sure you are linked and they can view your data.

When using Apply with Scoir, how can you determine how many Letters of Recommendation are needed for each college?

Where can I see the Letters of Recommendation that are needed?

Once a college tile is moved to applying or applied, the number of LORs can be viewed. This will only be possible for Apply with Scoir colleges. No emails will be sent to Recommenders until the application is submitted to the college.

Log Into Scoir and navigate to your My College tab.

Find the college tile you wish to review, in your Applying or Applied Column and click to open the tile. (Remember we only show this for Apply with Scoir Colleges!)

Scroll to the 'Checklist' section.

Find the Recommendation and see what is required. In the example below, this college requires (2) Teacher LORs and (1) Counselor Evaluation (basically a Counselor LOR, it is just called an evaluation).

Now you are aware of how many LORs are needed for this college! If you'd like to move on to requesting these, please see this article!

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